What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Fresh 48 Photos

If you’re packing your hospital bag and planning to have a Fresh 48 photography session at the hospital, this is the post for you! One of the most common questions I get from expectant moms is asking what to pack in their hospital bag for Fresh 48 photos!

It can be so overwhelming and exciting to prepare for your little one’s arrival, so here is what I recommend you should pack in your hospital bag for Fresh 48 photos!


Comfortable & Neutral Clothes for You & Your Partner

Newborn baby outfits are so adorable (and tiny!), but the truth is that your newborn baby will look perfect for their Fresh 48 photos in just their diaper or swaddled in the hospital blanket! That’s why I always recommend that clients focus on packing something comfortable in their hospital bag ahead of their Fresh 48 session! Great examples include a beautiful pajama set, or even a nursing top or cami paired with leggings. If you are unsure what to pack for after labor a good tip is that if it fits for you during pregnancy it will probably fit for postpartum too!


For your partner, I’d recommend a comfortable shirt that is plain and casual. Honestly, even just a basic white t-shirt is totally fine! I’d also recommend pairing your partner’s shirt with light colored sweatpants and avoiding any text, graphics, logos, or hats. This will help to keep the focus on baby and all those precious newborn details!

A Comfortable Cardigan or A Cozy Robe for Mom

After giving birth so many moms want to keep themselves covered for their photos and I totally understand! Hospitals can be cold and you just want to feel cozy, or you want to try to cover up your band-aids and IVs from your hospital stay. Either way, opting to cover up a bit is always fine for your Fresh 48 photos and will help add dimension and variety to your gallery.


So when packing your hospital bag ahead of your Fresh 48 photos I’d recommend including a comfortable cardigan or a cozy robe that you can layer on throughout your photos. Not only will you love having this featured in your gallery, but you will probably love having the extra layer with you throughout your hospital stay too!

What to Pack for Baby for Your Fresh 48 Photos

Can I tell you a little secret? I know that baby clothes are so unbelievably adorable, but you really don’t need to bring any cute outfits for your baby for their Fresh 48 photos! If you want to bring a sweet onesie, a knotted gown and matching hat, or a monogrammed swaddle that is totally fine! But the focus of a Fresh 48 session is truly on documenting all of the details of this incredible moment in your lives. That means that we will take photos of your baby swaddled in their hospital blanket, in just their diaper, and even in the long-sleeved shirts that most hospitals provide for newborns. Simple sometimes is best, especially if it means that packing your hospital bag is less stressful!


What Colors & Patterns to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Last but not least, what colors and patterns should you look for when choosing clothes to pack in your hospital bag? If you follow along with my typical wardrobe recommendations you probably aren’t surprised to hear that I always recommend wearing neutral clothes for Fresh 48 photos! The biggest reason for this is because hospital rooms can have poor lighting or odd paint colors, all of which can change the way that your photos look. Using light and bright neutral colors will help ensure that you also have light and bright photos, which are timeless. Additionally, if you would like to include any patterns I’d recommend picking something that is soft and subtle so as not to distract from your precious little one!


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