Top 5 Tips for Taking Your Own Fresh 48 Photos | Chicago Fresh 48 Photographer

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now, and although it is stressful for all of us my heart goes out to all the mamas-to-be whose birth plans are upended and hopes of newborn photos are postponed. To help make things a little easier, I am sharing my top 5 tips to help you take your own Fresh 48 hospital photos!

Tip #1 – Incorporate Natural Light

One of the first things I do when entering a hospital room for a Fresh 48 session is turn off all overhead lighting. Hospital lighting tends to be harsh and can have a yellow tint to it, both of which can create unflattering shadows and coloring in your images. Rather than use the overhead lights in your hospital room, turn these off and opt instead for the natural light that your room provides. Open all the blinds and try to take the majority of your photos where the window light hits!

Tip #2 – Use Portrait Mode

If you aren’t able to use a photographer and don’t have a camera of your own, you can easily capture beautiful images on your iPhone thanks to portrait mode! Your phone’s portrait mode helps to keep the focus on the subject of your image – you and baby – while keeping the background blurred. 

Tip #3 – Focus on the Details

Your baby will never be this tiny again and you will want to remember every little detail. Photograph their adorable feet and toes, little hands and hospital bands, sweet lips and eyelashes, hair and ears. Take photos of your little one in the bassinet and in their cute hospital hat, as well as in and out of their swaddle. 

Tip #4 – Move around your Room

Hospital rooms are notoriously small, but even so they still offer a variety of space for you to utilize for your photos! Take photos holding your new baby in the hospital bed, snuggled up on the couch or rocking chair, or gazing down at your baby in the bassinet!  

Tip #5 – Put Mom & Dad in the Frame

As new parents you will likely be exhausted and feel like you don’t look your best, but I promise you will still want to have photos of both you and your partner with your new baby! To avoid any unflattering angles ask your partner to take your photo from slightly overhead. And if you feel self-conscious ask them to keep the photos cropped close with your baby up by your face or take some pulled-back shots seated or standing behind the bassinet. Lastly, make sure you ask a nurse to take photos of your new family of three!

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